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KODAK PROFESSIONAL XTOL B&W Film Developer, Powder Concentrate to make 5 Liters
for B&W negative film

  • $15.99

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  • High-quality, versatile B&W film developer
  • Extremely fine grain and high sharpness
  • Full emulsion speed for great shadow detail
  • Suitable for push/pull processing
  • Powder concentrate makes 5 Liters of working solution

Product Details

For fantastic sharpness, contrast balancing, and fine grain, Kodak XTOL B&W Film Developer is the ideal choice. It takes advantage of the film's full ISO rating and is also great for push-processing. The powder concentrate mixes easily with water to make 5 liters of working solution with a long usable life and no need to extend the developing time with re-use. It can also be diluted 1:3 for use as a one-shot developer.

Kodak XTOL (Part A) SDS Sheet

Kodak XTOL (Part B) SDS Sheet

CAT 105 8338