Ektar H35N Half Frame 35mm Film Camera

KODAK Ektar H35N Half Frame 35mm Film Camera
for high-volume snapshots

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  • 35mm half frame film camera
  • Shoots double the number of frames per roll of 35mm film*
  • 22mm F/8 2-element lens with 1 coated glass element and 1 aspherical acrylic element
  • Fixed 1/100s shutter speed; "Bulb" mode available using threaded cable release*
  • Bottom-mounted 1/4"-20 thread mount for use on tripods
  • Built-in flash for indoor and outdoor use, powered by 1 x AAA battery*
  • Built-in star filter, deployed with filter lever
  • Manual film advance and rewind
  • Top-mounted frame counter
  • *Film, battery, and cable release are not included

Product Details

The Kodak Ektar H35N Half Frame 35mm Film Camera is the updated version of the original H35. Ideal for beginners or anyone looking to reduce film costs, it provides double the number of frames per roll. Compared to its predecessor, the H35N boasts a built-in star filter, a lens that features a coated glass element, and is threaded to accept a cable shutter release for "Bulb Mode" long exposures. Lightweight and available in six unique colorways, making it the perfect camera for travel or any social occasion.

Film-Saving: A half frame camera allows users to take twice as many pictures per roll of film. For example, a 36 exposure roll will yield 72 half-frame photos! Aside from cost savings, this offers a unique opportunity to tell stories through two adjacent frames. Long live the diptych!

Partial Glass Coated Lens + Star Filter: Compared to the original, one of the elements of the H35N's 2-element lens is now made of coated glass for sharper images. On the front of the camera, a lever slides a star filter in front of the lens, creating a four-beam flare on point light sources.

Cable Release + Tripod Use : While the standard shutter speed is fixed at 1/100s, users can screw in a cable release and mount the camera on a tripod to manually leave the shutter open for long exposures. 

Built-in Flash: A knurled ring around the lens allows users to activate the built-in flash. A red LED at the rear of the camera indicates when the flash is charged and ready to fire by pressing the shutter button. 

Lightweight and Easy-to-Use: Pocket-sized and lightweight, it's convenient for everyday carry to document the world around you.