KODAK PROFESSIONAL HC-110 B&W Film Developer, 1000ml Concentrate
for processing B&W negative film

  • $43.99

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  • Versatile B&W film developer
  • Liquid concentrate with very long shelf life
  • Easy and precise contrast control using different dilutions
  • 1 liter of concentrate makes 32 liters of Dilution B one-shot solution
  • Economical choice for beginners and professionals
  • Suitable for push- and pull-processing

Product Details

Intended for use with a variety of black and white films, Kodak HC-110 is a highly concentrated liquid B&W film developer with an extremely long shelf life, great shadow detail, and precise contrast control through dilution choice.

HC-110 comes in the form of a liquid concentrate, allowing users to mix up just enough concentrate with water to make a single-use solution of the volume required by their developing tank. These characteristics make it a highly convenient and cost-effective developer choice for beginners and experienced users alike.

Several dilution options exist (see data sheet), but Dilution B (1:31) is by far the most popular. 1 liter of liquid concentrate makes 32 liters of one-shot Dilution B working solution. Normal and push/pull processing times available at The Massive Development Chart by Digital Truth.

Kodak HC-110 SDS Sheet