KODAK Ektachrome 100D Color Reversal Film 7294, 50 Ft Super8 Cartridge

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Eastman Kodak Company and Kodak Alaris announced the availability of the highly anticipated KODAK EKTACHROME Film line. 

KODAK EKTACHROME 7294 Color Reversal Film in the Super 8 format will be available beginning October from Eastman Kodak Company. Availability of EKTACHROME products in the 16mm format will follow later this year.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME Film E100 and KODAK EKTACHROME 7294 Color Reversal Film are daylight balanced color positive films, featuring clean, vibrant colors. Offering moderately enhanced color saturation while maintaining a neutral gray scale and accurate skin tone reproduction. It has exceptional sharpness with excellent grain performance. Excellent for advertising, nature cinematography, documentaries, and music films. It can be scanned or projected.

Resurgence in the popularity of analog photography and motion picture film has created demand for new film offerings. “We recently brought KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX P3200 Film back to market, and the response was overwhelming,” said Dennis Olbrich, President – Kodak Alaris Paper, Photo Chemicals and Film. “Based on the response we’re seeing to beta test images on social media, we expect the return of EKTACHROME E100 to be equally well received.”

“EKTACHROME Film was the choice for generations of filmmakers,” said Steve Bellamy, President, Eastman Kodak Company’s Motion Picture and Entertainment Division. “The distinct and unparalleled look of films like Tony Scott’s “Domino” and Spike Lee’s “Inside Man” could not have been achieved without EKTACHROME. We are extremely excited to reintroduce this film to those who know and love it, and to a new generation of motion picture artists.”

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