KODAK PROFESSIONAL D-76 B&W Film Developer, Powder Concentrate to make 1 Gallon
for processing B&W negative film

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  • Classic B&W film developer
  • Powder concentrate, 2 optional sizes makes 1 gallon of stock solution
  • Stock solution yields full emulsion speed, good shadow detail, normal contrast, and moderately fine grain
  • 1:1 dilution yields higher sharpness but more grain
  • Suitable for normal, push-, or pull-processing

Product Details

Renowned for its dependability, KODAK D-76 B&W Film Developer is a fantastic choice for photographers looking for full emulsion speed and excellent shadow detail. The powdered developer concentrate mixes with water to make 1 gallon of stock solution. For increased sharpness with slightly higher grain, the stock solution can be further diluted to 1:1. 

Normal and push/pull processing times available at The Massive Development Chart by Digital Truth.

This chemical is classified as "Limited Quantity Hazardous" and can only be shipped via Ground within the Continental United States due to DOT regulations. Within the Continental US, it cannot be shipped to PO boxes.

Kodak D-76 SDS Sheet

CAT 105 8270