KODAK PROFESSIONAL D-76 B&W Film Developer, Powder Concentrate to make 1 Liter
for processing B&W negative film

  • $9.99

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  • Classic B&W film developer
  • Powder concentrate makes 1 liter of stock solution
  • Stock solution yields full emulsion speed, good shadow detail, normal contrast, and moderately fine grain
  • 1:1 dilution yields higher sharpness but more grain
  • Suitable for normal, push-, or pull-processing

Product Details

Renowned for its dependability, KODAK D-76 B&W Film Developer is a fantastic choice for photographers looking for full emulsion speed and excellent shadow detail. The powdered developer concentrate mixes with water to make 1 liter of stock solution. For increased sharpness with slightly higher grain, the stock solution can be further diluted to 1:1. 

Normal and push/pull processing times available at The Massive Development Chart by Digital Truth.

Kodak D-76 SDS Sheet