CineStill Core Values

Our values are our shared values. As a team, the values we share can accomplish what we could not individually.


Demystify and fuel the analog lifestyle

Bridging the gap through ACCESSIBLE workflows with reliable tools made available for the Analog Renaissance. Difficulty level & availability shouldn’t intimidate & dissuade users away from the analog lifestyle. Simplicity is everything, and everything is a means to a real-world analog experience.


Make waves, don’t just ride them

Focusing on what we do well, not what others are doing. Shape our own ecosystem rather than competing in an overcrowded market. Disrupt through INNOVATION not imitation.


Wage peace not war

Expanding the film photography market by utilizing existing infrastructure to create new tools for photographers to shoot more film in more situations. Third party COLLABORATION brings efficiency for us, sustainability of resources, and stability to the industry. There are more people yet to shoot film than there are currently using our competitions’ products today. A rising tide raises all ships.


Without our customers we don’t exist

Providing products, services, and resources that we believe in, but the world also needs. SERVING the community in all things we do. We connect with our customers by solving their problems.


Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

Responsibly cultivating growth and reaching our full potential. Nothing short of EXCELLENCE. You must sow before you reap. Positive results follow hard work. Even if we have the capability we won’t always have the capacity to move fast without breaking things. Slow down, shoot film.


Best idea wins

Communicating as a team through openness, inclusiveness, and encouragement. TEAMWORK embraces diversity of perspectives & approaches, which are also what make photography the craft that we love. There are no bad ideas and no room for egos. Not all ideas will be executed, but they will be considered.


Rules are made to be rewritten, not broken

Documenting protocols that encourage CONSISTENCY and accountability. As we grow & adapt change is crucial. Always follow policies and guidelines, or improve them by challenging convention.


Don’t be good, be very good

Being right isn’t as important as doing what is right. Competence leads to credibility, dedication leads to respect, accountability leads to trust, and growth leads to loyalty. INTEGRITY is striving for the virtues, which lead to values.